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Advancing A Legacy: The Zinfandel Chronicles

Just as Zinfandel distinguishes itself from other fine wines with its bold and celebratory spirit, its enthusiasts recognize the varietalís contribution to the world of fine wine. Independent and unpretentious, versatile and individual, Zinfandelís character matches the dynamic nature of its devotees.

As The Association of Zinfandel Advocates and Producers (ZAP) celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2011, we looked back upon a profound legacy while anticipating a revealing future for Zinfandel. Personified by pioneering families and progressive researchers, Zinfandel cultivation and production continue to evolve, creating exciting expectations for Americaís Heritage Wine.

Together with historians, growers, producers, researchers and consumers, ZAP is dedicated to preserving the heritage of Zinfandel while promoting its prospects. By documenting the history of Zinfandel grapes and wines, we gain an understanding of deeply rooted traditions and a passion for preservation. An examination of scientific investigations provides a path for expanded propagation opportunities. The result is a chronicle that lays a foundation for the future.

Advancing a Legacy: The Zinfandel Chronicles is a collection of information developed by ZAP to inspire growers, producers, advocates and enthusiasts to compile a personalized anthology of all things Zinfandel.

Weíve started with sections on topics integral to preserving Zinfandelís heritage and promoting its future.

--Transformation Creates New Tradition provides insight into the history of Zinfandel
--History for Tomorrow uncovers the passion behind ZAP
--Preserving Heritage; Promoting Excellence reveals exciting advances in science
--Vineyards with Heritage presents some of the pioneers in Zinfandel
Individually, these pieces communicate the passion for Zinfandel. Together, combined with reports, stories and resources, they provide a comprehensive view of the varietal. Designed for convenience, each document is available separately. When printed and compiled in your own customized archive, these will provide the foundation for a personalized history and planning guide that can be augmented for years to come.

In laying a foundation built on the preservation of Zinfandelís history, we hope to inspire you to join our collective efforts to continue the legacy.

Rebecca Robinson
Executive Director

ZAP's Commitment to Research
As of 2012, ZAP has donated a total of $410,269 to the Heritage Vineyard research. These are the largest grants from an independent organization focused on one specific wine-grape varietal," explains UC Davis Professor and Chair of the Viticulture & Enology Department James Wolpert. ZAP also funds a number of other projects, including the Evaluation of Sierra Foothill Zinfandel Selections, the development of the Zinfandel Aroma Wheel, publication of a Resource Guide to Zinfandel, Zinposium conferences and other educational programs.

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