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As you might expect, brothers Jack and William Salerno have a long personal and professional history together. However, they’ve been turning grapes into amazingly exciting wine for a relatively short time.

Working in the construction and painting trades for years would seem an odd, if not discordant background for a career in the wine business. Yet the skills they acquired in past incarnations, precision, perseverance and risk taking tempered these brothers well for their latest and perhaps most significant success.

How else do you explain their accomplishments? In just their second year of commercial production, the brothers Salerno created a wine that made the San Francisco Chronicle’s top 100 list. Many winemakers with much more formal training and years in the cellar have not achieved that prominence so quickly, if at all.

“We read some textbooks on winemaking,” says Jack, “then threw them away.” Orthodoxy is not their style. Book knowledge only goes so far. With a sound – though self-taught – background in winemaking under their construction belts and an intense passion that rivals any in the wine business, the Salernos sought to create their own winemaking style.

Manzanita Creek, a label of the Salerno Healdsburg Estate Winery, D.O.M., are some of the best boutique wines being produced today, arguably by two of the most stubborn and passionate winemakers in Sonoma County.

Manzanita Creek makes its home in Healdsburg the heart of the northwest Sonoma County wine country. But unlike the Tuscan and Chateau wineries of the region that are surrounded by pristine vineyards, Manzanita Creek can be found in a light industrial center, hence the tag line, Great Wines…No Scenery…Never Boring.

The small quantity of award winning boutique wines made by William and Jack Salerno are extraordinary: “Tasting is believing”. The Manzanita Creek Wines: Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah are made from the best grapes – grown in the best vineyards – that Sonoma County has to offer.

Should you find yourself in the town of Healdsburg, California, stop by Manzanita Creek Winery, the winery where what’s in the bottle is “NEVER BORING”. If you are shopping for extreme wines, we encourage you to try our wines, you will not be disappointed, Jack and William Salerno love their work and it shows.

Key People
Jack and William Salerno, Owners

8910 Sonoma Hwy.
Kenwood, CA 95452
Phone: 707.927.4225

Winery Location Region: Northern Sonoma
Winery Open for Tasting: Yes
Retail Sales at Winery: Yes
Offers Online Sales: Yes
   * Check our winery’s website for details.
Has a Wine Club: Yes

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