National Zinfandel Day
7 Reasons to Love Zinfandel
Wednesday, Nov 21, 2018
Wednesday, Nov 21, 2018

American Flag Wine BottlesWe love Zinfandel Day so much we are celebrating all week long! Beginning with our Lodi Zinfandel Stories event,  and culminating on National Zinfandel Day, November 21,  ZAP will revel in all things ZIN!

Bold and celebratory, independent and unpretentious, versatile and individual, Zinfandel has charted a course all its own, and National Zinfandel Day offers many ways for our members to chart their own course to help celebrate and draw positive attention for America’s Heritage grape.

What is Zinfandel Day? 

Zinfandel Day is a worldwide celebration of the Zinfandel grape variety, intended to give Zinfandel lovers around the globe a platform to express their passion for grape and the wines made from it.

National Zinfandel Day takes place the third Wednesday of November.

ZAP’s Top 5 Ways to Celebrate #ZinDay

1. Share a Bottle with Your Friends

Visit your local wine shop and select a bottle from one of your favorite Zinfandel producers. Invite your friends over for a toast to your best-loved varietal.

Tip: Dazzle your friends by letting them know that Zinfandel wine is often described as fruit-forward with a flavor profile that includes raspberry, blackberry, boysenberry, cherry, as well as black pepper, cloves, anise and herbs. 

2. Visit a Tasting Room or Wine Bar

Over 90% of Zinfandel is grown in California, however wine produced from the grape is easily found throughout the United States. So, bop on down to your local drinkery to discover Zinfandel’s extraordinary quality and versatility.

Factoid: Typically, when called White Zinfandel it is made in a sweet style, while if named Zinfandel Rose it is usually dry (not sweet).

3. Explore Zinfandel’s Food Pairing Abilities

When it comes to Zinfandel and food pairing-there are no rules! Zinfandel is made for pure pleasure, so drink what you like. Zinfandel, in all its diversity is just as comfortable at an elegant dinner party as at casual family meals.

Tip: Zinfandel is perfect for pairing with your Thanksgiving turkey because its lower tannin helps moisten even the driest turkey.

4. Visit a Zinfandel Winery 

Perhaps there is no better way to deepen your appreciation of Zinfandel than see where it is grown and made. ZAP member wineries are celebrating the day in their own special way, so be sure to check in with them before you go.

Factoid: Zinfandel vineyards are some of the oldest in California with several well over 120 years old.  

5. Get Social with #ZinDay

Today is the day to share your love of Zinfandel with the world. Use #ZinDay while posting to your favorite social media sites and become part of the global Zinfandel conversation.

Tip: You can search social media sites using #ZinDay to see how others are celebrating. Be sure to share on ZAP’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagramtoo. 

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1. Wide Range. Zinfandel is planted in virtually all of California’s grape growing areas, and in the widest variety of soils, topography, and climates. Zinfandel is the most terroir-driven wine because it expresses the essence of where it’s grown.

2. Right Place, Right Time. While the Zinfandel grape has European origins in Croatia, its wine story is uniquely Californian. Making the trek during the Gold Rush, winning international awards in the 1880’s, surviving Phylloxera and Prohibition, Zinfandel established a perfect match for the environment, heritage, food and culture of California, where nearly 5,000 Zinfandels are made.

3. Roots Run Deep. Most of the oldest vineyards in California are Zinfandel, dating as far back as the mid 1800’s. Many producers today make single vineyard designated Zinfandels to express the true essence of these precious, historic vines.

4. There Are No Rules. Depending on winemaking techniques, Zinfandel can be made in various styles from lighter Rose to rich, full-bodied wines. Most Zinfandel today is produced from grapes picked at optimum balance of sugar and acid to yield wines with nuance and structure.

5. Food friendly. The multi-faceted unmistakable profiles of Zinfandel offer endless opportunities to compare and to contrast food flavors. Whether you are eating pasta, steak, or BBQ ribs, each one becomes magic with Zinfandel in your glass.

6. Benchmark Varietal. Zinfandel is the only fine wine with an American reference point. All other significant wine varietals have their reference point in Europe. That’s why Zinfandel is considered America’s heritage grape.

7. A Passion We Share. Zinfandel is the only grape with its own multi-day events and advocacy group. ZAP hosts the annual Zinfandel Experience (ZinEX), which is the largest single varietal tasting of its kind.

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