Boeger Winery

The Boeger Winery estate was homesteaded during the gold rush by the Fossati-Lombardo family. Though the family initially tried their luck in the gold fields they quickly learned, as many others did, that there was more fortune to be made from selling goods and services to the miners than in the mining itself. The estate was turned into a fruit and nut farm as well as a winery and distillery. The family made wine from Mission grapes and an early clone of Zinfandel, several vines of which still remain and produce fruit to this day.

The most unusual thing you’ll notice when you visit Boeger Winery is the seemingly endless wine list. It is standard for a winery to have a few wines on a list comprised of three or four varietals. We feature fifteen wines at a time, or more! This is not a lack of focus, we do it, frankly, because we can. The terroir, or combination of soil type, climate, and topography of the El Dorado AVA is an infinitely complex one. The region has a radical elevation range of 1,200 to 3,500 feet, a dense, steep and maze-like patchwork of foothills that host a wide variety of micro-climates and five major agricultural soil types. Nestled in the Sierra Nevada mountains, the vines of El Dorado enjoy clear, warm growing days with unimpeded sun exposure which develops intense fruit characteristics in the wine. The nights, however, are very cool due to the mountain air that flows down from the high peaks as the sun goes down. The cool nights ensure good structure and acidity in the wines. The endless combinations of elevation, exposure, microclimates and soil type, give adventurous winemakers the opportunity to plant different varietals to their hearts’ delight.

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