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Every Scribble Tells a Story”

SSW got its start in 2012 When Max Wilson came home from school one weekend and brought to me, his dad, an art piece of a wine bottle and a label that had scribble marks on it. I asked Max what was it and he replied “easy Dad, its Scribble Scribble Wine.” And at that I said “every Scribble tells a story.” So, the journey had begun. It was more than a gracious piece of art but it was also my Son telling me its ok dad go to California and make wine. I feel it is my duty to make my children proud. I live for them.

So here you have my hand selected vineyards with the idea that we can express the vineyard first then we give the wine an identity by naming them after my children. We wanted to show the simplicity of a label as a chalkboard and that the true meaning of the proof is in the juice.

Try it, if you like it then we have done our job crafting a wine coming from great vineyards. We made less than 700 cases our first vintage. We want you to enjoy the wine, family, friends and overall good times drinking good wine. From us to you, we say Cheers, and raise a glass of Scribble Scribble to you.

Cheers Deano

Founder/Director of Winemaking

(707) 337-1250
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