Southern California Region

Southern California Zinfandel
This region is extremely important historically, as it was once the center of California winemaking, when missionaries planted their first vineyard at Mission San Diego in 1769. In the Cucamonga Valley, near Los Angeles, the warm climate and sandy soil is well-suited to Zinfandel, but agricultural use of the land has given way in part to profitable urban development. To the south, the unique microclimate of Temecula is aided by its 1,500-foot elevation. Temecula’s Zinfandel vineyards bask in the renowned Southern California sun during the day, but the elevation brings cool afternoon and evening breezes.

Zinfandel wines from the Southern California Region tend to flavors of very ripe fruit, dried fruit, and peppery spice, and they are highly aromatic, with a bouquet that is consistent with their flavors.

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