Experiencing California’s Legendary Zinfandel Vineyards

Growing a Legend

“There’s a phrase you’ll hear: “A legend was born.” But if you’ve ever stood, neck deep, in a California Zinfandel vineyard…
…and seen the fruit produced by a hundred years of effort and struggle, you may have drawn another conclusion: There’s no single moment when a legend becomes a legend.

No — legends are built from year upon year of determination… grit. And real legends? They’re not born.”

Real legends are grown.

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ZAP is on a quest to preserve California’s Legendary Zinfandel Vineyards. But, why? What are legendary Zinfandel vineyards, anyway?

While many wine grape varietals do exceptionally well in certain regions of California, Zinfandel’s versatility allows it to produce uniquely pleasurable wines all across the Golden State. Different sites, different wines. In France, they call it terroir. And, truly legendary Zinfandel comes from legendary vineyards.

One indicator of a legendary vineyard is how long the vines have been in the ground. The vineyard develops a reputation for quality and becomes sought after by both winemakers and wine lovers over time. In the hands of exceptional farmers and winemakers, wines made from these vineyards generally have the ability to age in the bottle.

The aging of a wine potentially improves its structure, backbone, complexity, balance and substance, ultimately enhancing your tasting experience.  A library of vintages from a single vineyard provides the wine taster the opportunity to explore year over year differences not present in bottles sourced from a blend of vineyards.  Bottling a wine from a single vineyard is considered a higher quality expression of the fruit and the land.


Legendary Zinfandel vineyards are getting harder to come by every year. Economic factors have resulted in significant losses in acreage, but Zinfandel lovers can help. Seek out and enjoy these truly special vineyards for yourself! 

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Preserving California’s Legendary Vineyards – Selected Published Media Articles

“They’re all individual personalities. And, I think to show that is more authentic. You don’t want to try to make it into something that it’s not. I think you can tell a wine that’s just grown, respected, not manipulated.” Larry Turley, Turley Wine Cellars