ZAP Programs


ZAP serves as a comprehensive resource for all things Zinfandel, presenting the quality, versatility and heritage of Zinfandel in a wide-range of intimate wine tastings. seminars, master classes, blending sessions and interactive meet-the-maker roundtables, as well as our famous larger walk-around events featuring diverse wineries, vineyards and regions.

Research & Preservation

ZAP supports research and preservation efforts to improve the quality of Zinfandel, increase Zinfandel acreage and to safeguard the heritage of old vines throughout California.

Heritage Vineyard Project

Classic taste in the making. Explore Zinfandel research.


ZAP actively involves hundreds of wineries and thousands of wine enthusiasts. Together, we are achieving a national and international understanding of Zinfandel as America’s grape and wine, serving as innovators and industry leaders in the world of wine.