A truly unique opportunity to explore one grape in infinite combinations of growing regions, winemaker styles, and food pairings…and discover your favorites!

Growing Regions

The taste of terroir, aromas and flavors from the grape depends upon where the grapes are grown. Elevation and exposure of the vineyard, soil density, and impact of the weather all play a role. Each region has its own distinct combination and we’ll walk you through them, exploring the traits that pop in your mouth!

Legendary Zinfandel Vineyards

ZAP is on a quest to preserve California’s Legendary Zinfandel Vineyards. But, why? What are legendary Zinfandel vineyards, anyway?


Ask any Zinfandel winemaker and they’ll tell you they make wine to go with food, to be shared and paired with flavors and textures, enhancing the complex layers with each new dish. We’ll help you find the complementing flavors. Try them out, share them with friends, and send us your favorites!

Grower Resources

Nurseries and Zinfandel Clone information for Growers and Wineries.

Image Gallery

Zinfandel and ZAPers are known for their photogenic attributes and we are happy to share…everything from historical photos to last week’s event!


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