A Celebration of National Zinfandel Day

If you are on social media, especially Instagram, and you’re a wine lover, you might be aware of the various wine holidays (like National Zinfandel Day) that seem to pop up sporadically throughout the year.

Look no further than National Drink Wine Day, International Wine Day, or National Wine Day, if you want to enjoy a glass and share your affinity for wine. And don’t forget about National Red Wine Day and National Wine and Cheese Day… These are just some of our favorites, at least off the top of our heads. But at the Zinfandel Advocates & Producers headquarters, National Zinfandel Day reigns as the top national wine drinking holiday for us.


This year, National Zinfandel Day 2021 is on Wednesday, November 17th


Let’s take a look at how Zinfandel Day started:

Back in 2012, the Zinfandel Advocates & Producers (ZAP) team created National Zinfandel Day. On the third Wednesday of every November, we connect with thousands of other wine lovers to celebrate Zinfandel. We chose the third Wednesday of November because the Autumn season is the perfect time to enjoy a glass of this fruit-forward wine and Zinfandels of all flavors pair well with fall foods like turkey, Winter-squash, BBQ, and pasta. Rebecca Robinson, executive director, ZAP also wanted to focus on Zinfandel right before the holiday season. “Zinfandel Day is a great opportunity to celebrate the versatility of America’s winegrape. With the holidays right around the corner, Zinfandel offers a wide range and diversity of styles to please even the most discriminating palates,” said Rebecca.


Our Love for Zinfandel Runs Deep

Zinfandel is special because, like no other red wine, it speaks distinctively different wine languages from place to place. Zin adapts! Its flavors derive from its soil and surroundings—from light to rich, juicy to spicy, bright to bold, there’s a delicious Zin for every food choice and palate, be you a wine pro or beginner.


How You Can Celebrate National Zinfandel Day


 Share Your Love For Zin Online.

 National Zinfandel Day is celebrated worldwide, so take to social media to talk about your favorite wineries that specialize in Zin and share pictures of wine pairings and experiences. Connect with other Zinfandel lovers, before, during, and after with the hashtag #NationalZinfandelDay.


Invite Friends Over and Share a Bottle Of Zin.

Celebrate in-person with friends & family by inviting everyone to bring their favorite bottle of Zinfandel to share. Since Zinfandel wines are so versatile, pair with a cheeseboard with varying flavors, and textures, or hit the barbeque for some Zinfandel Glazed BBQ Beef Short Ribs, or Zinfandel and Black Pepper Marinated Tri-Tip (recipes found on our Zinfandel recipes blog).

Go through the Zinfandel Aroma Wheel to have some fun identifying different Zin aromas.


Visit the California Zinfandel Trail or your Favorite local Wine Bar.

More than 90% of Zinfandel is grown in California, so if you live nearby a Zinfandel wine region  (or are planning a trip in mid-November), check out the California Zinfandel Trail website  to build an itinerary to visit a few of your favorite Zinfandel wineries. If you cannot make a trek on the California Zinfandel Trail, stop by your favorite local wine bar and grab a glass of Zin with friends.

Whether you are visiting your favorite Zinfandel winery or joining us online in a virtual toast to National Zinfandel Day – we salute this award-winning wine!

New this year!  Play ZINGO.

Want to add some an extra challenge to your Zinfandel tastings?  Introducing ZINGO!  Download and print the card and take with you on your explorations on the California Zinfandel Trail! The game provides yet another fun way to celebrate National Zinfandel Day, one of our favorite holidays.Then again—every day is National Zinfandel Day when you are a fan of this versatile red wine.



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