A Message from Duane Dappen, ZAP Board President

Hello ZAP Advocates,

As we move into 2020, it is hard to believe that ZAP is almost in its 30th year! ZAP was started in 1991 to educate wine lovers about Zinfandel. We have worked hard during those 30 years to help our advocates to love Zinfandel even more, to help media members, both print media and bloggers, tell the story of Zinfandel. ZAP worked together with Jim Wolpert of UC Davis on the Heritage Vineyard Project. The Heritage Vineyard Project went on “Zinfandel Safari’s” to bring classic old vine Zinfandel together to see what is the diversity of Zinfandel and to get clean selections of high-quality Zinfandel so that the future of Zinfandel plantings will be strong. More recently, we have finished producing “Zinfandel Stories.” This was made possible with a CDFA Grant to help explain the places and people that make up the world of Zinfandel. We are currently working on “Legendary Vineyards” with a second CDFA grant to show the awesome Zinfandel Vineyards located throughout the state.

2019 had another large fire in wine country but Zinfandel, the people who grow the grapes and make the wine, are resilient. We need to toast the First Responders about how well they worked to contain the fire under difficult conditions. People ask how can they help the workers and wineries in the areas affected. I believe the best way to help is to support is continue to visit the wine regions, have lunch at a local café, purchase wines that you enjoy, and open them with friends. Truthfully, most of the vineyards and wineries are in great shape. We need to toast the First Responders about how well they worked to contain the fire under difficult conditions.

ZAP will continue to advance the education of Zinfandel and give you chances to come taste the wonderful diversity of America’s Heritage Grape. To do this, we need your support. Renew your memberships, invite your Wine Loving Friends to join, donate to ZAP. As members, you can enjoy our Passport Program, and for higher level members out Premier Winery Experience. This year’s Zinfandel Experience will be awesome and we hope to see everyone in San Francisco January 30 to February 1.

Thank you for your support over the 30 years.


Duane Dappen
D-cubed Cellars
President, ZAP Board of Directors


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