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1. You will receive an email from Wordpress inviting you to create your profile.

Click the link to activate your account.

2. Upon clicking the link, you will be assigned a username and password. Take note of these.

Click the Log in link to go to your profile.

3. You will receive a second email with the username and password information after having clicked the activation link.

4. Upon login, you will see a black tool bar at the top of the screen. Hover over the "Howdy, [your username]" in order to reveal the drop-down menu. Click "Edit My Profile."

Creating your winery's profile can be done in a few simple steps.

Profile Information

Winery Details

The winery details section is the main area of information for your winery profile. Each field is described below. Please refer to the numbers in the image that follows.

1. Winery Name: enter your winery's full name here.

2. Winery Hero Image: this is the image that will show up at the top of your profile's page on the front end. This image is required (noted with a red asterisk). This image should be at least 2000px x 700px (respecting this aspect ratio) in order to be sized properly for the image area.

To upload an image:

  • Click the blue image area. The media library will appear as an overlay.
  • Drag the image file from your desktop and hover over the media library. Release the click, and the image will be uploaded.
  • Click "Insert into page" to upload the image to this space.

3. Logo: this is where you will upload your winery's logo. The logo should be at least 500px wide and have a slight bit of padding on either side (~10 px on each side).

4. Location: select the region in which your winery is located. This will mean that your winery will be searchable via the region assigned to it here. If your region is not represented, select "Other."

5. Search Filters: you can mark the boxes next to what is offered at your winery for the following:

  • Activities
  • Days Open
  • Amenities
  • ZAP Member Promotions

6. Short Location: type the city, state in which your winery is located

7. Description: this area is where you will give some information about your winery, your wines, and what makes you unique.

8. Excerpt: type a short description of the winery that will show up in search results. This excerpt should be no more than 400 characters.

9. Address: enter your address and click the blue magnifying glass. This will activate Google Maps and insert a map on your profile page.

10. Phone Number/Website: enter your phone number and your website. The formatting of the website should include an http:// before the URL.

11. Banner Image: you have the option of adding another banner image in the middle of your profile page. This banner image is optional and should have a width of 2000px just as the hero image above. This space can be used to showcase new wines, or your location for example.

12. Gallery: If you have other photos to add to your profile, click "Add" to insert image fields and create a gallery. Upload images within each field. You can drag the image items that you add to rearrange the images. You can click the X next to any image to remove it from the grid.
Click "Update Profile" to save your changes.
Click the blue "Update Profile" button to make your changes go live.

You can create events that are happening at your winery! These will show up in the global ZAP calendar, the upcoming events in your region and on your winery profile.

To create a new event:

Click on Events in the left hand side bar, then click "Add New"

The Wordpress event template has the main content in the middle of the page, and settings on the right hand side. Two of these settings are worthy of note:

  • Publish: when you are ready to publish your event, click the "Submit for Review" button to notify ZAP.
  • Event Types: categorize what type of event this is by marking the appropriate boxes here. This is an important step for filtering on the front end.

Event Settings

1. Event Title: enter the event title here. This will only be seen in the backend for your reference. The main title that shows up on the front end page is configured below in the "Event Page Hero" section.

2. Excerpt: This is an option hand-crafted summary that will show up in a list view. This should be between 200-400 characters.

3. Event Settings: set the starting and ending dates and times of the event here by clicking on the day and time for each.

4. Event Timing Details: enter the timing details of the event here.

5. Event Description: this is where you will give the event information and details. You can hyperlink text, and format the text within this area using the WYSIWYG toolbar (i.e. bold, italicize, underline, lists, indents, etc.)

6. CTA Button: the CTA button (call-to-action) is where you can direct users to another URL. For example, if there are tickets that need to be purchased, this button could say "Buy Now" in the CTA Button Text area, with a link to Eventbrite in the CTA Button URL area. Remember that URLs should always start with http://

Event Page Hero

1. Background Hero: this image will be the first content piece on the page. The image should be at least 2000px x 500px (respecting this aspect ratio).

2. Hero Title: this is the title that will appear on the front end, overlain on top of the hero image.

3. Hero Button Text: if there is a place you would like to direct users to within this space (i.e. your website's own event page for more information), enter the button text here. Examples are "More Information" "Reserve Now" etc.

4. Hero Button URL: enter the URL to which you would like to direct users from the button. Remember that URLs should always start with http://

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