Happy 4th of July from ZAP!

4 fabulous reasons to drink Zinfandel on the 4th of July!

Celebrating our independence in a meaningful way seems like a great idea. This 4th of July, gather your friends and family and raise your glass to Zinfandel—America’s grape!

1. Zinfandel is the American spirit captured in a bottle! It’s the only fine wine we can call our own. Like our forefathers, Zinfandel found itself here, migrated west to California with the Gold Rush, and came into its own over 150 years ago! Those miners knew a good thing when they discovered it!

2. Zinfandel is a perfect pairing with all things barbecue. While Zinfandel elevates your backyard barbecue burgers, brisket and ribs slathered in sauce, it’s a sure fire match to juicy ribeye, lamb chops or grilled salmon when your family cookout or picnic includes your “fancy friends.”

3. Zinfandel is full of diverse flavors. Whether you taste Zinfandel from any number of California’s wine growing regions, or drink blends and single vineyard designates, the range of styles is sure to satisfy your thirsty bunch.

4. Just because…it’s time for fireworks and Zin! Let Zinfandel bring joy to your 4th of July as we celebrate our country’s 243rd anniversary. But, please drink responsibly.

Zinfandel and Black Pepper Marinated Tri Tip

“When you’re serving up something big and beefy at your barbecue, you’re going to want a big red wine. Zinfandel has a silky characteristic to it that helps to tone down the in your face smokiness of certain grilled dishes.” Erin, Platings & Pairings



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