Duarte Nursery, Inc.

Duarte Nursery, Inc. is a family owned and operated nursery located near Modesto in the Central Valley of California. Duarte Nursery is the largest permanent crops nursery in the United States, with a history of innovative products and exceptional customer service.

Duarte Nursery has its own vineyards and orchards, which include many experiments that focus on grower’s concerns. They include technologies for rapid vine establishment and fruit production, and the evaluation of scion clones and rootstocks for broad ranges of growing conditions.

Part of our commitment to innovation and quality is Dry Creek Lab, the nursery’s on-site laboratory where DNI produces fruit and nut trees through micropropagation and tissue culture. DNI’s fruit and nut tree program is based on the same strategy for success that has been enjoyed with our grapevines – quality, friendship and service.

Duarte Nursery Grapevine Selections are available in Big Pot Vine, MagnumVine and UberVine formats.

Call 209-531-0351 for detailed information.




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