Sunridge Nurseries

After years of experience in the grape nursery stock industry, Glen and Terrie Stoller founded Sunridge Nurseries in 1977. Sunridge Nurseries’ primary business is the propagation and grafting of grape nursery stock. Subsequently, we have pioneered and developed scientific techniques and cultural practices making us the experts in this field.

In the 1980s, Sunridge experienced tremendous growth when phylloxera began to invade premier wine grape vineyards of Sonoma and the Napa Valley. Sunridge had the solution — high quality, phylloxera-resistant rootstocks. In the ensuing years, Sunridge has continued to supply only the highest quality of rootstocks to grape growers, through several expansions and additions to their modern, state-of-the-art facilities.

Sunridge Nurseries is the most trusted and respected name in the grapevine nursery stock industry. We have earned that reputation through years of dedication, honesty, integrity and a commitment to uncompromising quality. It is a reputation we cherish and work diligently to maintain. We understand this industry and the people who dedicate their lives to it. At the very foundation of every successful relationship is an unwavering trust in each other.

We know livelihoods depend on us fulfilling our promises. Our customers count on us to deliver a product that performs the way we say it will–harvest after harvest after harvest.

This single focus on quality and consistency is how we became the largest supplier of grape stock in the country and why we continue to lead the industry.


Zinfandel Clones

We have a mix of the standard and heritage selections.  The vines are all available for purchase for spring 2018 plantings as potted vines or 2019 ad bare root vines.

Zinfandel 6 classic 1996, FPS 01A

22 Heritage Clone #19 Zin Advocates & Producers (ZAP) and UCD. Old Vine clones. PRE-1930

Loose Clusters, Small Berries, Lower Yield, HIGH quality.

12 Heritage Clone # 4 ZAP & UCD. Dusi Vineyards

24 Heritage Clone # 31 ZAP & UCD. Lytton Springs / Ridge, Sonoma County

25 Heritage Clone #38 ZAP & UCD. RW Moore, Napa Coombsville. Russell Ranch 2014.

26 heritage Clone #44 ZAP& UCD. Zeni Ranch, Mendocino

29 Old FPS #08 clone, Baldocchi Clone Dempel Farming, Mendocino/Sonoma St. Francis

Primitivo 3 1968, from Bari, Italy. FPS 1984. Classic, widely planted in Sonoma

6 1987, from Conegliano, Italy. FPS 1997





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