Zinfandel Stories: Series Overview

Zinfandel Stories video series showcases the unique qualities of Zinfandel found in California's nine distinct growing regions. Join us on the journey and immerse yourself in stories told by celebrated Zinfandel growers and producers.

Zinfandel Stories: Lodi

Situated near the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, Lodi is home to about 40 percent of California’s Zinfandel Acreage. Lodi Zinfandel has deep roots. For many here, it’s the family business.

Zinfandel Stories: Sierra Foothills

Some of the oldest Zinfandel vines are growing in the Sierra Foothills. Zinfandel from this AVA is typically a very complex, aromatic wine, with a good acid balance that will search out those different characters in the food that it's served with

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Zinfandel Stories: Bay Area

From Zinfandel Experience plentiful wine bars, restaurants, and new urban wineries, to the exceptional Zinfandel grown to the east and south of San Francisco, the Bay Area’s influence on the varietal is rooted in the past and catapulting it into th

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Zinfandel Stories: Inland Valleys

California’s sunny Central Valley is one of the country’s most productive agricultural regions, with Zinfandel as an important part of the bounty. Local colleges like UC Davis and Fresno State are raising a new crop of winemakers.

Zinfandel Stories: Napa Valley

Napa Valley has an abundance of soil types and superior growing conditions that result in the production of internationally acclaimed Zinfandel. With only 2% of the total winegrapes harvested in the region, enjoying a bottle of Napa Valley Zinfandel

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Zinfandel Stories: Sonoma County

There are many diverse wine growing regions in Sonoma County. Each has a unique climate and geography that directly correlates to the wine in your glass. From warm, sunny days to cooler, fog covered valley floors, the variations in the geography and

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Zinfandel Stories: Southern California and Other Regions

The wine scene in Southern California is exploding right now, with some of the greatest wine bars in LA creating trend-setting experiences with Zinfandel and food pairing. Southern California also has a significant history of growing exceptional Zin

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Zinfandel Stories: Central Coast

California’s Central Coast, known for its rugged beauty, is also home to several world-class wine regions. For Zinfandel, no other AVA compares to that of Paso Robles. Planted by Italian immigrants in the 1920s, Zinfandel has had plenty of time to

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Zinfandel Stories: Mendocino

From highlighting the growing conditions in Mendocino, to describing the particular flavors of Mendocino Zinfandel, to breathtaking shots of the picturesque landscape and featuring the CORO Mendocino group that producing wines of distinction, take ti

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Zinfandel Stories: Series Overview Zinfandel Stories: Lodi Zinfandel Stories: Sierra Foothills Zinfandel Stories: Bay Area Zinfandel Stories: Inland Valleys Zinfandel Stories: Napa Valley Zinfandel Stories: Sonoma County Zinfandel Stories: Southern California and Other Regions
Zinfandel Stories: Central Coast Zinfandel Stories: Mendocino
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