Legendary Video Series – Zin Star

Lodi Wine recently launched “Save the Old” to help farmers who care about their old vines. They state: “Old vines produce some of the very best wine. And, nowhere is there more historic vines than in Lodi. That is, until someone decides to pull them up. Or someone decides to save them.” They go on to describe: “In the world of wine, nothing is quite as venerable as an old vine. As living pieces of agricultural history, deep-rooted vines 50 years of age or older produce perfectly ripe, concentrated grapes. This makes for elegant wines with a distinct sense of place of the vineyard. The trouble with old vines is that they are expensive to maintain. The older a vine becomes, the less fruit it yields. Lower yields mean less money for the grower. Not surprisingly, most old vines are kept for love or nostalgia rather than profit. Sadly, there comes a time when love is not enough to sustain these old vines and the grower is forced to replace them for younger, more productive vines. You can help stop this from happening.” We couldn’t agree more on the need to save these precious treasures.

On Lodi’s west side is a Legendary Vineyard that plays hard to get. A Zin Star zinfandel might be difficult to get your hands on, but will be well worth it. Find out how the Lucas Family has created a legend with passionate stewardship of this Legendary Vineyard.

Stay tuned as we release more clips that feature individual vineyards in the coming months.

It’s time to experience Legendary Zinfandel Vineyards for yourself!



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