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Veronica’s Zinfandel Story – An American Dream

For Veronica, the American dream is more than an inspirational ethos.  She is living it every day.

Her father came to California from Mexico at age 13.  His hard work and business acumen eventually led him to Zinfandel.  Today, Veronica is carrying the family story forward with her own determination and vision.

We are overjoyed that Zinfandel continues to play a significant role in our culture and reaffirms our commitment to celebrating America’s heritage grape.

“So my dad at the age of 13 came from Mexico by himself. He didn’t go to high school, just because he had to work to make a living. So he started working in various vineyards and other types of crops so he could make his living. And one day he started saving money so he could grow his own vineyard and his first varietal he planted was Zinfandel.

Being a first-generation student in a four-year college after high school was huge to my family. So being the only girl and going to school-it’s not just ‘these are my grades,’ I almost feel like it’s my family’s grades. And I’m a representation of my family in our last name so even when I leave the workplace to work in another winery, and then soon after that, help expand our business – it’s gonna mean a lot to my family, and so that’s big on me.

I think I’m probably gonna start working with our Zinfandel just because that’s known and Lodi and I want to see if I could make one of the best Zinfandels.”

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