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Bee Hunter Wines is the brainchild of Ali and Andy DuVigneaud. Andy was born in the heart of the Anderson Valley and has been a winemaker for over 20 years. Ali “from the valley” arrived from Florida 9 years ago with a background in wine sales and a passion for wine country. These two met, formed a partnership, and have created a solid buzz and a cult following for their wines.

Down every path is something new to explore. Discover world-class wine from hidden vineyards throughout Mendocino and Sonoma Counties. Always Bee Huntin’ for organically grown, sustainable and biodynamic farms. Hand-selected grapes from long-standing nearby vineyards for wines both traditional and unique. Join the hunt for secret gardens and enjoy the exquisite wines of Anderson Valley. We’re always Bee Huntin’ for adventures throughout the country so find us at an event near you or let’s create one.


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