Corkwood Cellars

In 1916, Walter Steele planted a vineyard in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains; whether he knew it or not, he found the perfect place for a vineyard to thrive. The site is a prehistoric riverbed that was molded by tectonic forces and left behind a rocky hillside. It now sits high near the top of Sutter Hill, sloped to the southeast. All these conditions allow the vines to grow and thrive in the California sun.

Over the decades, the vineyard grew to be wilder and more untamed; until the early 21st century, when it was purchased by new owners with a passion and eye for old vines. Years later we stumbled upon the vineyard and immediately saw it’s potential to make great wine. We jumped at the opportunity and began getting to know each individual vine. Countless hours and days were spent pruning, thinning, and training each vine in effort to rebuild the structure and balance of the vineyard. Through diligence and time, we maintained the original character of the vineyard while ensuring its survival and production of the highest quality grapes for many years to come. Our efforts are continuously rewarded with a round, rich wine with depth of bold fruit profiles and ageability.





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