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Erostasia Wines


Our wines were created as a celebration of the mind, body, and soul. Gaze at our bottle from a distance and you will see the goddess Erostasia gently welcoming you closer. Her passion and sensuality radiate as she patiently waits for you to draw near and sip the wine from the fruit she bears.

Her name means “resurrection of desire” and her figure reveals the beauty and movement of one who’s experiencing a rebirth of spirit. She celebrates this feeling through the simultaneous worship of grapes, sun, earth, and her own sensuous body.

Our winemaking process is an organic, whole-body experience. We are passionate about producing refined wines that stimulate intense feelings of desire and gratification. To truly experience our wines, you must give yourself over to all your senses. Take in our wines through your eyes, nose, mouth, and hands and you’ll reach new levels of pleasure and re-discover your love of the wine tasting experience.

Drink in your inner desires and celebrate love, romance, and carnal pleasure. Embrace the tingling on your lips as you sip Erostasia for the first time. See, smell, taste and feel the body of the wine as it drives you to new levels of ecstasy.


7941 CA-12, Lodi, CA 95240, USA

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