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Mazzocco Winery

Sonoma County

Wines with a Sense of Place:  The geographic concept of “place” may be defined as those characteristics that make a site special or unique, as well as those elements that foster a sense of authentic attachment and belonging infused with a combination of setting, landscape or ritual.  Wines of distinction may be defined as having a sense of place when sensorial characteristics authentically express their vineyard or region of origin. Such is the case with Mazzocco wines.

Mazzocco Winery is a small, family-owned artisan winery situated in the rolling hills of Sonoma County and nestled between the acclaimed Alexander and Dry Creek Valleys. The passion behind the label is the Wilson family and their diverse estate vineyards. Owners Ken and Diane Wilson have grown grapes in Sonoma County for more than 20 years and farm over 250 acres of wine grapes. They are most noted for vineyard-designate Zinfandels and classic Bordeaux varietals, each robust and sumptuous yet individual in nature, from some of the most breathtaking mountain sites in Sonoma County. Their history and tradition combined with a reputation for innovation have made it one of the most distinctive and sought-after brands in California.

At Mazzocco Winery, winemaking is vineyard driven. For a small winery, Mazzocco’s vineyard sources are among the most extraordinary in the world. The label may say Dry Creek Valley, but Mazzocco’s vineyards are situated at elevations reaching up to 2400 feet with views of the Pacific Ocean on hillsides seemingly suited only to a mountain goat. Luckily, the site is suited to mountain goats and low-yielding vineyards that produce an astounding concentration of flavor. The Mazzocco mantra is holistic, embracing all aspects of the vines’ health and physiological development. It derives from years of experience of observing this unique regional terroir and cultivating optimal conditions. All vineyard work and winemaking techniques are done by hand and aimed at bringing out the unique, intrinsic character and true spirit of each individual varietal. The resulting wines stimulate the senses, warm the heart and evoke a feeling of well-being. Expressed in a more technical manner, the ultimate pleasure derived from wine is a complex interplay of sensorial perceptions involving the eye, nose, palate, and heart.


Antoine believes wines are nurtured rather than produced. This nurturing originates in the vineyards by listening to the vines and providing them a balanced environment to develop maximum color, fleshy tannins, and engaging aromas. This is accomplished by matching the vines to the perfect soil, climate and exposure.

Antoine is able to capture the spirit of the vineyard using winemaking techniques such as cold soaking and employing traditional French techniques such as pigeage (punch down), remontage (pump over) and extended maceration, utilizing indigenous yeast whenever possible. This elevates flavors and captures the essence of the grapes.

“My goal is to craft luscious wines that are powerful yet elegant, long-lasting in the palate and long-lived in the cellar,” says Antoine Favero, Mazzocco’s winemaker and general manager.  “Bordeaux varietals are my passion and Zinfandels my obsession. I’m constantly aiming for a velvety mouth entry in my wines – a trait that has become my signature.”

“I truly believe that crafting an exceptional wine requires not only seasoned winemaking skills but meticulous vineyard management skills as well, nurturing each to its utmost potential. “My commitment will always be to produce the finest grapes from our vineyards, in order to create the most sumptuous wines possible.”

Antoine Favero

1400 Lytton Springs Rd, Healdsburg, CA 95448, USA






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