Myka Estates

Every empty bottle is filled with stories!

Craft wine is motivation that drives winemaking past all the traditions, the scoring critics, and mass production conditions. It is not just about costs and profits, but about the creation of something unique and the communication with those who enjoy the exploration of wine. We want them to experience the philosophy of craft wine, understand the winemakers love for the land and gentle treatment of the vines. Like a painter with a canvas, each stroke is selected with care and intention to produce a wine for guests to enjoy.

Craft wine is approachable and fun. It removes the pretentious nature of wine and replaces it with the enjoyment of artistry. It is not soulless or industrialized. Craft wine brings a person back to a time of wonder and delight; a time when drinking wine was a pastime enjoyed with friends and laughter.

Craft wine is about stories. How the people came together and how the wine came to be. Every single story is different and interesting, just like every wine differs from the others.

We are not here to knock other wines, but we value a product that has a history and a soul. We want our wines to tell a story and be a part of your next one.





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