P Harrell Wines

The creation of P. Harrell Wines has emerged from my long standing passion and appreciation for wine, from the smell of freshly picked grapes after a successful harvest to sampling wines in barrel, and ultimately indulging in the enchanting wine culture with others. I love all things wine because it is one of those simple pleasures that seamlessly intertwine people from all walks of life, creating genuine friendships.

P. Harrell Wines was founded by winemaker and San Francisco native, Paula J. Harrell. Paula received a BA in History & Spanish from UCLA, during which time she studied abroad in Madrid, Spain, where her interest in wine began.  Throughout Paula’s career she has always had a love affair with wine.  Since the early 90’s, she’s made it her priority to learn everything she could about wine. She purchased a timeshare in Napa and spent all of her free time visiting wineries, gleaning knowledge, technique, and education from winemakers, taking classes, participating in blending sessions & immersing herself in the culture. After years of engaging with wine culture as a hobby, her great passion and appreciation for all things wine led her to finally start her own private label in November 2015.