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Scotto Cellars is a 5th generation family owned and managed wine company who treats team members not only as collaborators but as family members that are encouraged to think creatively with a can-do attitude. Everyone at Scotto Cellars is an innovator who learns more while we listen than when we talk but doesn’t shy away from expressing our positivity, enthusiasm, passion and honesty in ourselves and more importantly our wines.

As far back as I can remember, we always had people who worked with us at our family’s winery sharing meals and celebrating holidays. My grandfather and father were notorious for extending invitations unbeknownst to my grandmother or mother. A Scotto home continues to be a center of family and a place of inclusion for all who share in Scotto Cellars values.

Surrounding ourselves with quality people and team members is only useful if and when you listen to what they have to say. One such mentor I have been blessed to share and create Scotto Cellars values is John McClelland. John’s credentials and accomplishments are second to none in the wine business. Gaining knowledge through the act of listening has never been more apparent than through my countless moments hearing of John’s experiences, his guidance and vision.

Our wines are not only great in structure, soft in tannins and strongly balanced….they have true character. Nothing exemplifies this more than a day in our Lodi cellar a few years back. Our father, Anthony Jr. came across a long time Scotto team member who had a scowl on his face. For some reason, he just wasn’t in a good mood and anyone who came in contact with him felt his negativity. Dad quickly grabbed him to see what was causing him to be so upset but his attitude and scowl wasn’t budging. Without hesitation, dad told him, “Leave the cellar!”, we couldn’t afford to have his bad vibrations in contact with other Scotto team members and more importantly the wine in tank, barrel and bottle.

Humans and stories like these have shaped who Scotto Cellars has become through 5 generations of winemaking.

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