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Gehricke Wines & Plungerhead Wines

Named after old fire service badges from the Sebastiani family, 3 Badge Beverage Corporation is built upon a philosophy of commitment and craftsmanship. The company is led by 4th-generation vintner, August Sebastiani out of an old fire station in Sonoma, California – the very same station his grandfather helped build and where his father volunteered. With its strong portfolio of award-winning beverages, you’ll be sure to find something you can be proud to serve.

After all, our duty is craftsmanship.

Gehricke Wines

Growing up in Sonoma, we spent a lot of time exploring the local countryside: finding our way through neighboring vineyards owned by old friends and family. I remember the excitement of discovery and freedom while, as a young boy, I thoroughly studied our small town and its outskirts. I remember old dusty roads that led to forgotten vineyards and properties… Gehricke is a tribute to one such road.

Today, we explore rural, premium wine sub-regions throughout Sonoma County, selecting fruit from the finest vineyards. We are meticulous in our journey of crafting small-lot wines made with minimal intervention, so that you can enjoy the truest representation of each appellation and how its terroir impacts specific varietals. From our family to yours, Gehricke wines are made to enhance the little moments that become epic memories. Wherever the road takes you, your journey should make the destination worthwhile. ~ August Sebastiani, Proprietor

Plungerhead Wines

Plungerhead makes wines of character for characters. Who IS that dude on the label? That’s Eddie, whose image represents our avant-garde collection of wines. How did he get a name like Plungerhead, you ask? As the story goes, our friend Edgar B. Plongerheid was fed up with the crooked misspellings and constant mispronunciations of his surname for the umpteenth time.

“Just call me Plungerhead,” he sighed with an audible eye roll. And so it was. Eddie Plungerhead was born. Coincidence? Hardly. Look, we know Eddie’s a weird dude, but he’s our weird dude. Remember, this guy’s a character. And, most importantly, he knows life shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

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