Scott Harvey Wines

Region | Sierra Foothills

Scott Harvey’s long career in the wine business was, until recently, in others’ wineries. After his student days in Sacramento, he headed back to Germany (where he had been an exchange student in high school) to train in the Pfalz region. On his return, Scott landed back in his native Amador County in the Sierra Foothills, planting vineyards and making wine for the likes of Story, Santino and Renwood. His work in the cause of high-quality Zinfandels helped put Amador county on the wine map.
Scott moved on to Napa where he became winemaker, president and partner of Folie a Deux. In 2004, Folie sold. That same year, Scott—along with his industry veteran wife, Jana—launched his own line of wines using grapes from vineyards he had planted and worked with in Amador. Along with Scott Harvey wines, he continues to build other brands, including wines from Napa Valley under his wife’s namesake, Jana.

Key People
Scott Harvey – CEO Winemaker
Jana Harvey – President
Bill Crowe – Direct to Consumer Mg.
Paulette Williams – Tasting Room Manager

(209) 245-3670
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