Victor Vineyards

Region | Central Valley

The town of Victor, CA traces its beginnings to when German immigrants settled in North Dakota migrated to the Lodi area in 1897. They heard about a place in California that had good sandy soil that was suitable for vineyards and orchards. So they loaded up their wagons and set out to start a new life.

Not too many years later, the railroad arrived and the town of Victor became famous for it’s fruit packing companies that supplied east coast cites with fresh fruit and grapes for producing homemade wines. Victor Fruit Growers Inc. was one of the first fruit packing and cold storage houses and was established in 1920. As the company grew, they built large icehouses to keep the grapes cool prior to shipping. The Victor Vineyards tasting room is located in one of these historic buildings and still has the ice troughs that were used to cool the building back in the 1940’s.
Our owner Robert Lawson considers himself a newcomer to the area (he’s only been there 50+ years) and always had a dream of owning his own vineyards and winery located where he grew up and raised his family. So in 1993 he purchased 90 acres in the Mokelumne River AVA, now know as our Lawson Vineyard. After successfully building a reputation for supplying grapes to some of the best wineries throughout the United States, Lawson purchased the historic Victor Fruit Growers Company location in 1999 to house his dream of crafting wines he could call his own.

Key People
Robert Lawson, Owner
Larry Levin, Winemaker

(209) 339-0102
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