Zinfandel Aroma Wheel

The benefits of describing wines in specific terms, such as these on the Zinfandel Aroma Wheel, are your greater enjoyment and appreciation of the wonderful world of wines, plus an enhanced ability to discriminate and remember wine flavors. Describing Zinfandel aromas is very simple with the help of this lexicon. Words are arranged in three […]

Tasting Tips

Wine Tasting is Meant to be Shared Our producers are as individualistic as the wine itself, and just as approachable, so we encourage you to experiment with their many styles of wine at tastings, from intimate to grand. Without much hassle, you can traverse multiple regions of California and try a new winery off the […]

Tasting Etiquette 101

A few tips to make your wine tasting experience enjoyable for yourself, as well as others tasting around you: ZAP events, as well as tasting rooms and winery events, are non-smoking and fragrance-free. Perfumes, smoke and other scents can interfere with your ability to distinguish aromas and flavors of the wine. Be courteous to others […]


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