Legendary Vineyards Video Series – Bedrock

Defining a “legend” can be a difficult feat, but there is one thing for sure: legends are timeless—their contributions will long outlive them and they are immortalized for greatness. Legends create a long-lasting effect and we honor them.


Without further ado, we are pleased to present the next in our “Growing a Legend” video series: Bedrock Vineyard. This vineyard produces acclaimed single vineyard wines from such Zinfandel luminaries as Bedrock Wine Company, Once & Future, Robert Biale Vineyards, Carlisle, Dashe Cellars, Limerick Lane, Turley Wine Cellars to name a few.


What’s especially timely about this video release is Joel Peterson is joining the Biale team for a virtual Biale happy hour on Friday, May 22. More info. And, we think this video offers the ideal chance to give you a virtual tour of the vineyard they are going to be discussing!


Stay tuned as we release more clips that feature individual vineyards in the coming months.


It’s time to experience Legendary Zinfandel Vineyards for yourself!




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