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Limerick Lane Winery Launches “We Care” Campaign

Sonoma County Based Estate Vineyard Dedicates 50% of Sales to National and Regional Charity Partners


With the cancellations of events, festivals, fundraisers and charity auctions, Limerick Lane wanted to still be able to support their extended friends and family and the causes close to all of us: education, saving the environment, helping foster families, and more. For every case purchased of the 2018 Limerick Lane Russian River Zinfandel and the 2019 Limerick Lane Rosé, Limerick Lane will donate 50% of sales to the selected partners’ cause under the “We Care” campaign.

“With this initiative to give back during this unprecedented time, we are grateful to work with our collective partners, friends, and neighbors around the country to make a difference great or small, we are all in this together. We selected our partners because we are close to these charities and organizations and we know that the donations go directly to people in need,” says Gina Lathrum, Director of Marketing, Limerick Lane Winery. “Our goal is to have every case sold and be able to donate $400,000 collectively to our partners.”

With this goal in mind, Limerick Lane has hand selected the following national partners to give back to:

  • Association of Zinfandel Advocates and Producers
  • Charlie Palmer Foundation
  • NKBA Southern California Chapter for Seneca
  • National Ability Center

Regional Partners

  • Camp Rainbow
  • Wood River Land Trust, Hailey, ID
  • High Museum of Art
  • Sun Valley Wine Auction
  • The Community School

To learn more about Limerick Lane Winery, the charity partners and the wine, visit With exceptional wine, Limerick Lane continues to connect people, even in this time of need.

To order and support ZAP use code: ZAPCARES

“Limerick Lane is leading the way with this generous program to give back to charitable organizations during this time. We are grateful for their heartfelt support of the Zinfandel community.  We raise a glass to family, the legacy of Zinfandel and continuing to champion the special character of Zinfandel so exemplified by Jake Bilbro and his team.”

Rebecca Robinson, Executive Director


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