Growing a Legend

ZAP has spent much of the last year visiting and filming many of California’s Legendary Zinfandel Vineyards. The vineyards featured in these videos each have a distinct story to tell.  Each of these vineyards is still growing exceptional grapes because of factors that include location, soil type, grape mix and access to good winemaking. But, by no means is that the end of the story! Of the more than 1400 Zinfandel vineyards planted in California, almost 500 are bottled with the vineyard name on the label as single vineyard wines, or vineyard designated wines.

Have you ever wondered how a vineyard becomes thought of as legendary, how old head-trained vines are pruned, how you care for soils that have been farmed for over 100 years, how you maintain the character of a legendary vineyard as you do some inevitable replanting, how you rescue an ancient vineyard that was seeming beyond hope, what it means to dry farm, whether modern ag techniques are applicable to historic vineyards, or how a farmer perseveres in the face of overwhelming cabernet?

ZAP is sharing this inspiring view of California’s Zinfandel landscape through a series of videos, thanks to our Specialty Crop Grant from CDFA.  We are proud to release our first video which is an introduction to some of the Legendary Vineyards of California. Stay tuned as we release more clips that feature individual vineyards in the coming months.  It’s time to experience Legendary Zinfandel Vineyards for yourself.


Legendary Vineyards – Growing a Legend from Zinfandel Advocates & Producers on Vimeo.


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