Legendary Zinfandel Vineyards Video Series –  Paper Street in Paso Robles

We are launching the first clip from our Legendary Vineyard Series with a virtual trip to Paso Robles. This video tells the story of the Dusi family with three generations of Zinfandel grape growing history in the region. Their legacy is looking to the future, now that they have embarked on a new vineyard and winemaking adventure—Paper Street.

It’s not always the case that a Zinfandel vineyard has to be in the ground for decades to be legendary. The factors that include location, soil type, grape mix and access to good winemaking can also create exceptional wines early in life of the vineyard as well.

Stay tuned as we release more clips that feature individual vineyards in the coming months.

It’s time to experience Legendary Zinfandel Vineyards for yourself!



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