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Pairing Vegetarian Food with Zinfandel

Which California Crops Pair with Zinfandel?

Carol Shelton

“The California crops I see going well with Zinfandel would be things like vegetarian dishes such as a ratatouille and tomato-based pasta and things like that because the naturally high acidity of tomatoes and Zinfandel (can be a much more acidic grape) so they stand up to each other really well. And I don’t eat peppers…I’m allergic…but they go really well with peppers because Zin can have a lot of peppery bite to it as well.”

Joel Peterson

“You can do curries, you can do sort of southern French treatments of them, and there are lots of opportunities to do things with these really amazing foodstuffs that we grow here that don’t involve meat at all and are every bit as flavorful and maybe even more satisfying and more filling.”

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