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Shauna Rosenblum – Zinfandel and Chocolate Pairing

Shauna Rosenblum has a lot to say about Zinfandel and Chocolate pairing

“I would say give me any food and I will pair the proper Zinfandel with it.

We’ve done some really great chocolate pairings the Ghiradelli white chocolate with raspberry just elevates the fruit and the whites into a whole other level, and then, of course, the traditional 85 percent cacao does the opposite thing where the bitterness from the chocolate really elevates the fruit out of the Zinfandel.

I don’t know if I’d go Hershey’s, but I did just say that I could pair anything, so I’d find one. Maybe Contra Costa because you get that like dusty cocoa out of Contra Costa and that sort of Sweetness for milk chocolate could be an interesting comparison there.”

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